Repairing a Foam and Cementitious Roof with No Tear-Off (Video)

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A large church in Chandler, AZ needed a long lasting, flexible, and minimally disruptive solution for a flat section. The majority of the building is protected by a healthy, standing seam roof.

The project area was relatively small at just over 1000 square feet, but was crowded with 8 HVAC units, a skylight, access hatch, multiple drains, vents and other penetrations, making working space scarce.

The project surface was an aging foam roof with a cementitious top layer. The foam had large blisters where layers had separated and the cementitious layer was cracked and chalked.

The client knew they did not want full tear off and replacement due to the cluster of HVAC units and how disruptive it would be to church business to go without AC.

However, their coatings options were limited due to the difficulty of adhering coatings to cementitious roofs.

Luckily, the client called TRM Roofing, a Phoenix area roofer experienced with Castagra’s Ecodur.

TRM knew that with Ecodur’s extreme adhesion, it is the only known effective solution for coating cementitious roofing.

To begin the project, the entire area was swept and blown with special attention spent on the ponding areas to ensure the surface is ready to bond.

With the surface cleaned and ready, TRM started with edging, detail, penetrations, and blister filling. Because Ecodur has no maximum millage and will cure at the same rate regardless of thickness, it is a great solution for blister filling. It can also be thickened and expanded when needed to fill larger voids.

Now that the detail areas were completed, Ecodur was applied to the remaining field area. Ecodur is ideal for filling the many cracks and soaks deep prior to curing.

Next, a first pass of an acrylic top coat was applied. The top coat will provide reflectivity in the intense desert sun and help keep the building and equipment cool.

An anti-skid additive of ground limestone was broadcast by hand into the first coat. This will provide grip in case any of the mechanical equipment needs servicing in wet weather.

Finally, the acrylic top coat is applied for a seamless, reflective look.

Ecodur’s extreme adhesion, strength, and ability to withstand permanent ponding water will have this roof leak free and low maintenance for many years to come.

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