Mixing Ecodur Roof Coating

Ecodur – The One-Stop VOC-Free Roof Coating That Takes On The Toughest Conditions.

Phoenix, AZ. “We don’t need a dozen variants of our core coating Ecodur because, simply, it has such a broad range of high-performance characteristics for various roofing conditions that we don’t need them,” stated Castagra Products, Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen.

The Higher Performance of Two-Part Roof Coatings ‘Winning’ Over One-Part.

Phoenix, AZ. “Flat roof coatings and membranes are progressively becoming more and more high tech as performance demands and expectations grow for cool, solar and green roofs,” said Castagra Products, Inc., CEO, Peter Roosen.

Coating Asphalt Emulsion_sm

Roof Coating Care Like Human Skin Care, Says Top Industry Expert

Phoenix, AZ. Jerry Brown, a 47-year veteran of the roofing industry says when he teaches class on roof repairs and restoration, he likens it to how we should be protecting our skin.

“The primary purpose of roof coatings in Arizona is to protect the roof from UV degradation and cool the roof. This is like you putting sun blockers on your skin to prevent damage and even skin cancer. The sun destroys roofs with its UV radiation and the heating and cooling effects of thermal shock also damage them so cool coatings, typically white, are of equal importance too.”

Cementitious Flat Roof Coating

Arizona’s Untapped $5 Billion Roofing Repair Opportunity

Arizona has the highest nationwide concentration of a flat roof material called cementitious – an acrylic and cement mix. According to local experts, there were billions of feet of cementitious roofs installed 15 to 25 years ago, and now these aging roofs are all starting to crack and fail.


“30 Mils of Ecodur Can Add 25 Years To Flat Roof Life” – Castagra CEO Peter Roosen.

Phoenix, AZ. “I never cease to be amazed at how such a thin layer of only 30 mils of veggie-plastic coating can add up to 25 years on a flat roof’s lifespan,” commented Castagra Products Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen.

“Building owners and managers want to put off, indefinitely, what actually used to be inevitable, re-roofing, which is extremely costly. Now, with some modern membranes and coatings such as ours, flat roofs can, with low cost inspection regimes, last for the life of the building itself.


Coating a Tar and Gravel Roof with No Spudding

Vigorous spudding can do more harm than good, especially with fragile substrates such as those often encountered with tar and gravel roofs.

Roofers are very familiar with the long-handled tool with a stiff flat blade on one end (usually 4″ or 6″ wide) that is used to scrape and remove the top surfacing of a roof down to the membrane. There are also some very powerful mechanical spudders.


Ecodur Delivers Long-Term, Cost-Effective Solution (Industrial Roof).

Tar and gravel roofs (Built-up Roofing) have been a popular choice for many decades and generally have a 10 to 15-year lifespan in cities like San Diego. But, with the crack down on noxious fumes (VOCs), they are giving way to modern membranes and coatings, especially with the rising demand for cool roofs.

San Diego Flat Roof

Ecodur Fixes Large Blisters in Foam Roof Coating

With the ever increasing performance levels of solar panels, home and building owners want their roofs to be high performance with a longevity to match or even surpass the lifespans of the electricity generating systems they support.


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Movie theater roof Avondale, Phoenix October 2018 2_sm

Arizona Commercial Flat Roof Project (2 year follow up)

This updated case study concerns a movie theater chain building’s asphalt roof in Avondale in Phoenix where high UV, temperature extremes and often violent storms, give coatings and membranes, a mix of some of the hardest conditions in the entire nation.

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