Repairing a Foam and Cementitious Roof with No Tear-Off (Video)

Cementitious roofs are extremely difficult to repair without a complete tear-off. Luckily, Ecodur Roof Coating has high adhesion and will create a powerful bond that will restore your cementitious roof. Watch this video to see how Ecodur helped tackle this difficult church roof project.

Coating A Flat Metal Roof With Ecodur (Video)

Coating and fixing metal roofs can be tricky if the property owner does not have the budget to repair the entire flat metal roof at once. Patching with products such as silicone coatings can make it difficult to repair the entire metal roof in the future.

The client used Castagra’s Ecodur roof coating because of its superior adhesion and its ability to bond to itself in the future. This special bonding feature makes future repairs and roof restoration a breeze for the property owner.


Using Roof Coatings To Repair Difficult Roofs (Video)

While Ecodur is ideal for large commercial projects and full re-coats, it’s durability, flexibility, and ease of application make for great repairs as well.

60%-80% Labor Savings on Tar and Gravel Coating Projects (Video)

Coating a tar and gravel roof with any product is a lot of work. However, by using the Ecodur system, you can achieve better results in fewer steps reducing labor costs and liability.

GCC copy

Coating Cementitious Roofs at Glendale Community College

The administration at GCC, wanted to restore the roofs and bring them back to performing without having to strip off the original cementitious layer which would have considerably added to the cost. Any coating on cementitious material would also need substantial and permanent adhesion and flexible, stretch properties as well as the ability for itself then to provide the substrate surface for the cool coating.


Coating a Tar and Gravel Roof in Rio Rancho

This beautiful retirement home in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, near Albuquerque was hiding a problem not visible from the street. It may be easy to disregard a leaky roof in a climate with an average of only 50 days of precipitation annually, but, the proverbial “when it rains, it pours” is certainly true here, especially with monsoon season approaching at the end of July.

Castagra Ecodur

Creating a Winning Company Culture in the Roofing Trade

Company culture directly reflects the values of leadership and is unique to each company. Yet it remains an often-overlooked aspect in the Trades, even though it can have a major impact on recruitment, retention, quality, and profitability. As leaders, we set the atmosphere for our workforce, and that climate sets expectations for diligence and quality.


Cementitious Roofs: Marrying The Old With The New In The World Of Coatings.

Modern cementitious roofing products are a world away today from the poor reputation earlier products developed in the 1970’s when awareness grew of the dangers of the asbestos content in many of them.

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Stop ‘Killer Asbestos’ Entirely Says Coatings Boss as US Imports ‘Surge’ Over Last Year’s.

Phoenix, AZ. “There’s a popular misconception that asbestos has been totally banned in the US. Not so, our imports of this carcinogenic material are positively surging right now,” stated Castagra Products, Inc., CEO, Peter Roosen.

The latest statistics show the US imported 272 metric tons of asbestos in August alone, bringing the year’s total to more than 550 tons with the year end total set to close at nearly double the 2017 figure of 340 tons.

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