Leaking or Cracked Commercial Flat Roof?

You’ve seen cracks in your roof, or noticed a leak and you know you can’t ignore the problem.

If you’re already seeing these signs, there is damage that needs to be fixed. You don’t want to wait and risk the roof needing to be replaced which can cost 100s of thousands of dollars (or millions) and take months, with the additional inconvenience of leaving goods or equipment exposed, or interrupting your business operations.

There’s an answer.

You can fix your problem flat roof with Castagra’s Ecodur, an adhesive so strong it's been used in the oil and gas industries to coat marine fracking vessels. Problem roofs have substrates you can’t pressure-wash without risking further damage. Conventional roof coatings struggle, while Ecodur’s powerful adhesion (three times stronger), verified by side-by-side pull tests*, allows bonding so strong it fuses to the roof without pressure-washing. Ecodur will help revive your roof and make it last for another 10-25 years.

The ability to confidently apply a roof coating product without pressure washing is huge for us.

— Jef McCurdy, San Diego Roofing


Three times stronger than other coatings (and doesn’t damage your roof)

Coating a flat roof with epoxy, acrylic or silicone could cause further damage due to the roof. How? Coatings that need pressure washing (even low pressure) to hang on, will expose the roof to the possibility of water damage. Or even worse, after the problem is “fixed”, a storm could rip through and damage a low adhesion coating to the point where it needs replacing. With Ecodur you get stronger adhesion and an application process that minimizes the risk to your roof (it’s even strong enough to fill in cracks).

*Key Adhesion Numbers

100% Silicone24
100% Silicone over Acrylic Primer38
Acrylic Primer63
Castagra Ecodur 201110+ (Tape Broke)

How Does It Work?

Ecodur works by bonding to the substrate at a molecular level, creating an inseparable bond. Molecular bond, means it is almost fused to the material and when you try to tear it off, it literally takes most of the substrate with it. Other coatings such as epoxies, acrylic and silicones rely on mechanical bonds, which require ideal surface conditions.

To show you the power of how Ecodur bonds to a surface - here it is bonding to a Teflon pan.

Ecodur: How was it developed?

Peter Roosen, an engineer who invented many game-changing technologies in the building materials and steel industry, developed Ecodur. Originally develop as an architectural molding, Ecodur showed great potential as a protective coating early on.

As a coating it was originally it was used for the oil and gas industry to coat the inside of oil tanks. It was so strong it has even been used for to protect acid frac tanks, water reservoirs and highways.

Tested Over 10,000 Times…

During the past 28 years, Peter performed and oversaw more than 10,000 tests to develop, improve, and prove the performance of our Ecodur coating. These tests included:

  • waterproof test
  • long-term UV tests
  • salt water emersion tests
  • chemical resistance tests
  • abrasion tests
  • fire tests

Roofing Case Study

Major Stadium Roof

This case study concerns one of the biggest sports stadiums in the US. A type of job that requires you to compete with many billion-dollar coating companies to proven that you’re he best solution out there.

The stadium has some 70,000 square feet of EPDM, but the problem was not one of the synthetic rubber’s performance, but, rather it had giant lettering on it which was no longer relevant and had to be erased as it was visible during televised games.

Furthermore, the job had to be done quickly with a permanent solution and within a critical time frame because of the game schedule. There should also be no hint of the lettering visible after it was treated and the coating should adhere strongly and provide additional roof protection.

Ecodur was chosen as it is a high-performance primer with zero VOCs, zero toxicity and adhesion that is two to three times greater than most conventional epoxy coatings. It has a wide range of compatible substrates, including EPDM and hard to coat cementitious materials. It can be a standalone roof coating or one used for the latest cooling top coats such as silicone. It has very high UV resistance.

What Sets Us Apart

Ecodur doesn’t just give you a great roof, it gives peace of mind that you have the best and most cost- effective solution. This case study will show how much better Ecodur really is.

Ecodur Used Off-shore Fracking Vessel

Following an initial test in 2014, the advanced formula of this original coating, Ecodur, was applied in mid-2015 to various structures of a highly specialized offshore oil and gas well acid stimulation ship in Louisiana that performs the marine equivalent of fracking on the high seas.

Because of the harsh conditions it has been regularly encountering, none of the conventional epoxy coatings had lasted longer than about three months without showing substantial delamination, cracking and failure in the assessment of the client.

Ecodur coating job revealed the following (Inspection findings).

  • Ecodur has radically exceeded the normally chronic short service life of conventional epoxy coatings in a severe marine application – an ocean-going oil and gas well acid stimulation frac ship.
  • Ecodur has provided protection to particularly vulnerable surfaces and hatches exposed to impacts.
  • Specifically, Ecodur has also provided extensive coverage protection for a particularly problematical area, the fantail.
  • Ecodur has provided a non-toxic, VOC-free, BPA-free, solvent-free coating solution.
  • Ecodur is infinitely repairable for the life of the coating because it molecularly re-bonds.
  • No limit to depth of coating where extra coating is a requirement.
  • Installation times are short due to fast cure rates, even at or below freezing temperatures.

How Long Will My Flat Roof Last?

Long life depends on many different factors. Some recoated roofs are more than 25 years old that are performing well to this day. When you contact us, you will speak to our account executive that will refer you to a qualified contractor in your area. From there, our qualified contractor will review the condition of your roof and give you a life expectancy assessment along with your estimate.


Recognized Leader in Sustainability

Ecodur, is VOC-free, NSF-61 drinking water safe and produces no noxious fumes.

Over the years, Ecodur has won various awards on sustainability and technology innovation, most notably the Dragons’ Den’s Greenvention competition.

Over the years, Ecodur has won various awards on sustainability and technology innovation, most notably the Dragons’ Den’s Greenvention competition.

For those who don’t know, Dragons’ Den is a TV show in Canada like Shark Tank in the US that features five to six top business leaders (at the time, leaders like Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary were on the show) who evaluate and potentially invest in businesses and new products hopeful entrepreneurs pitch on the show.

You can watch a recap interview below

Our Quality Promise

An ISO 9001 certified auditor with extensive experience in mission critical quality control programs, which include the manufacturer and installation of nuclear equipment, designed and managed our quality programs. Ecodur samples are taken from every batch and cured, and then we conduct hardness tests to ensure the coating is to exact specifications. Your roof is really important to us, and we’re not interested in leaving anything to chance.

Our Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love our coating. With more than 28 years’ experience, we know you’ll be happy with the result. Warranties are determined with the site inspection, but typical durations are 10, 20-year material warranties. The qualified contractor will offer the labour warranties.


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