Coating Cementitious Roofs at Glendale Community College

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Glendale Community College (‘GCC’) opened in 1965 and is part of the Maricopa County Community College District, one of the largest such districts in the USA. The main GCC campus covers 147 acres.


As you would expect, over 15 years of exposure to Arizona’s blistering summers, had taken its toll on roofing membranes, and the college’s cementitious ones on three buildings were showing signs of failure.



Cementitious roofs, in their original state, were very robust, but, today the trend is to radically enhance them with the new generation of cool coatings to help reduce HVAC costs by reflecting much of the heat. Roof surfaces can readily reach temperatures in excess of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.


Cool coatings are generally acrylics or silicones, but it can be hard for them to perform optimally on cementitious substrates, especially with many early failures reported.



The administration at GCC, wanted to restore the roofs and bring them back to performing without having to strip off the original cementitious layer which would have considerably added to the cost.


The work would also entail maximizing the integrity of the new coatings around various intrusions in the roof surfaces, including pipes, vent hoods, drain rings and HVAC units. There were also some horizontal windows to be shielded with coated plywood.


Any coating on cementitious material would also need substantial and permanent adhesion and flexible, stretch properties as well as the ability for itself then to provide the substrate surface for the cool coating.


Ecodur was trialed on a test area for three years. Subsequent inspection showed excellent results with only one small anomaly where an expansion joint had moved excessively to the point of causing coating cracks. Ecodur was formally accepted for the project after it was shown how packing the crack with polyester mat overcoated with Ecodur provided a simple remedy.


Ecodur retains its flexibility and ability to re-bond to any new Ecodur repairs for the lifetime of its application, thus ensuring permanent waterproofness.


Application Results

After cleaning the roofs free of any loose material, Ecodur 201M was designed by WRECORP of Peoria and installed by Starkweather Roofing of Phoenix, Arizona. After VOC-free 24 hour cure time for the Ecodur which averaged 30 mils depth, a top coat of white PG700 acrylic was applied.


The client subsequently reported complete satisfaction and was provided with a 20-year Systems NDL warranty.

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