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Creating a Winning Company Culture in the Roofing Trade

Company culture directly reflects the values of leadership and is unique to each company. Yet it remains an often-overlooked aspect in the Trades, even though it can have a major impact on recruitment, retention, quality, and profitability. As leaders, we set the atmosphere for our workforce, and that climate sets expectations for diligence and quality.

There are both subtle and obvious ways to establish a company culture, but creating a winning culture requires planning and continuous improvement. If you want your employees to invest their talent, time, and loyalty with your company, employees of all levels should expect trust and respect in return. Benefits may seem costly but are a very effective way to ensure your employees know you have their best interests in mind.

From the office staff to owners, from the greenest labourers to the highest skilled tradespeople, your company should be one team with common goals benefiting the clients and the organization as a whole.

Read the article by Jef McCurdy at Coo Ro Co.


Come visit us at the Colorado Roofing Association Trade Show (January 24, 2019)

Castagra will be exhibiting at the Colorado Roofing Association Show on January 24, 2019.

Date: 01/24/2019 – 01/24/2019
Location: The Denver Mart | Plaza Entrance | 58th & I-25
Time: 10 am Seminar | 11am – 3pm Show Hours


Ecodur & San Diego Roofing Featured in CoatingPro

At the end of the day, success is measured by coating pros adopting Ecodur as the go to solution for their customers who regard the highest green credentials as a basic requirement along with top performance. One of the most discerning markets in the nation is San Diego, arguably the solar capital. Many thousands have invested heavily in solar and demand contractors use the best and greenest roofing materials. This article reflects all that…..


Ecodur 201: Stadium Roof Coating Project

Flat roofs have been around since Mankind first started living in permanent dwellings, particularly in hot, arid regions. Then, they were simple to construct and, because rainfall was low, they basically were for protection against the sun and provide a cool interior.


Mother Nature Knows Best…That’s Why We Are Next Best!

Phoenix, AZ., July 18, 2018 – “When it comes to cool roofs, Mother Nature wins hands down with the vegetated ones in the US which, generally, do not get above 30 degrees Centigrade because of their natural evaporative processes,” commented Castagra Products CEO, Peter Roosen.


Ecodur Gives the ‘One-Two Punch’ Against All Weathers with a Silicone Top Coat, says Castagra CEO.

Phoenix, AZ, July 11, 2018 – “The use of Ecodur as a flat roof primer capped with a silicone coating is about as perfect a defence against all weathers as it’s possible to get,” says Peter Roosen, CEO, Castagra Products, Inc.

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