Castagra is one of, if not the leading green roof coatings company in the world, with its management having pioneered a VOC-free veggie-plastic protective coating formulation some 25 years ago, long before the mainstream clamor for coatings that do none harm to people and the environment.


The genesis of Castagra’s Ecodur came in the early 1990’s in Vancouver, BC, amidst a growing awareness that many industrial and commercial products were simply too toxic either in their use or production.

We simply did not believe that robustness and performance had to go hand-in- hand with content that could, potentially, cause ill health such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

With the focus on two core ingredients, renewable castor oil and recyclable and naturally occurring gypsum, we developed a plasticised gypsum that was VOC-free, BPA-free, and completely non-toxic.

Early testing showed it had more than double the adhesion of many conventional epoxy coatings and that it retained its flexibility and, very importantly, could be perfectly repaired should the need arise because it re-bonds to original coatings.

ANSI/NSF-61 certification followed which meant it could be used in contact with drinking water, also making it ideal for any surface in contact with food.

Today, it is one of the highest performing roofing coatings where its role as a primer makes it the major defence line in expanding not only the lifespan of roofs, but also their performance in situations where absolute waterproofness is required.

With many hundreds of roofs, frac production water and oil tanks coated, water and wastewater facilities, floors, lagoons, bridges, carparks, it has also demonstrated its versatility in the many scenarios where exposure to damaging chemicals demands high resistance to degradation.

We are a Nevada-registered private corporate entity with our HQ is in Phoenix, Arizona, where the company is headed by CEO, Peter Roosen. Peter is also the key inventor and developer of formulations that will continue to take the company through into the burgeoning green coatings market which Castagra has done so much to help spur on.

With over 100,000 new chemical compounds having entered the consumer market in the past 40 years, there has never been a more important time to be green, a corporate philosophy we have adhered to for the past quarter century.


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